Vaska Products

We love clean laundry, soft towels and safe, chemical free products. Since 1999 Vaska has been a pioneer in green chemistry. We are laundry experts and our products bring all that experience and expertise (and laundry love) right into your home. We promise clean laundry without compromise!

Vaska’s Lavender Products

Vaska Lavender Detergent
Great Laundry detergent, gentle on you and environment.

By Michael P. Evans

We have been using the Vaska products for over two years, it is so consistent for cleaning, and is so gentle on our skin, as well as the laundry! It is so nice to have stored sheets and towels stay fresh and not become chemical smelling from the perfumes. The price is well worth it, since you only have to use a small amount, and I have challenged the cleaning power with moldy towels, dirty clothes, and gym clothes.

Vaska Laundry Detergent - Lavender 21oz
Only detergent that doesn’t make me itch.

By spinyogimama

LOVE this detergent. My skin has become sensitive to detergents as I’ve gotten older. Method – though it smells great is one of the worst offenders for me. Vaska has been a lifesaver – clothes come out clean and smell great, fading is minimal,and no skin sensitivity whatsoever. The lavender is really nice…very natural and subtle.

Vaska One Lavender Tablets
Love the lavender scent!

By krista

Vaska is my favorite laundry detergent… esp. love the light lavender scent and the tablets make doing laundry so simple, so messy liquid, just toss in, no mess, no fuss

Vaska’s Scent-Free Products

Perfect Detergent - Scent Free
Currently, the only detergent that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction.

By MamaBear007 VINE VOICE

This gets my clothes clean, but the real reason I like this? It’s the only thing that doesn’t cause a horribly itchy rash. I used to use All Free Clear, but two months ago, I developed an allergy to that. I’m greatful to finally find something that gets my clothes clean — and even better, it doesn’t cause a horribly itchy rash that other “sensitive” laundry products cause. I also like the light lavender smell. I wish Amazon offered it with Prime Shipping.

Scent Free 21oz Laundry Detergent
Awesome laundry detergent.

By E. Norwigon

I love the way this stuff cleans and how the laundry smells… it removes stains and laundry comes out great. Not sure what more one can say about laundry detergent… it doesn’t seem worthy of flowery prose. I like the small bottle and the funky Scandinavian name… I recommend it.

Vaska One Scent Free Tablets
Revolutionary New Laundry Detergent gets all my clothes clean!

By S. Schwachter

This is the best laundry detergent we have ever used Simple, one step, easy to use all natural detergent that gets all my clothes clean with no chemicals – completely all natural. We have tried all the natural detergents out there, and this one works as good as all the chemical brands. Even got out my kids toughest stains. Best part about it? If you have a smaller load, you just break the tablet in half and throw it in the drum and you can easily get 2-3 loads out of one tablet.

Vaska’s Baby Products

Baby Detergent - Scent Free
You’re crazy if you do not get this!!

By Grammy from Alameda, CA

This laundry soap is wonderful. 3 grandsons with rash issues from other products. I have been washing the family’s clothes with this for a month and no rash has appeared. Even the dog loves it on her blanket! This product is easy to use and you only use a very small capful. It will last us months and we are a family of 6! Saving money on softner, dryer sheets and rash cream! You need to get this and try it yourself! BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Vaska One - Baby Tablets
Great laundry detergent for cloth diapers!

By D. Dominguez

These tablets are super gentle but very effective on cloth diapers! The tablet must be put into tub with water running though to wash baby clothes on cold or it might not dissolve completely! I really like the effectiveness and the great eco-safe ingredients!

Vaska’s Laundry Extras

Fabric Softener
Quality ingredients!

By truthlover

I wanted to use fabric softener but most on the market have ingredients that I consider toxic. So, I’m willing to spend more money on a product that I think won’t harm me. Much has been written about all the toxins we are around and I just didn’t want to add another while doing my laundry. I like this fabric softener very much and it does soften my clothes as advertised. And a nice lavender scent.

Spotoff Spot Remover
Works well on baby clothes stains!

By Gbaxter

I have 15-month old twins who get VERY dirty in the course of the day. I can throw their soiled, stained clothes in the laundry hamper, use Vaska Spotoff a few days later when I have time to do laundry (ha!), and every stain comes out in the wash. Perfect! It saves their clothes, my time and money. Great product – works well and I feel good about not putting harsh chemicals on their skin or in our water.

Vaska Dish