Go Green with Greywater

Save money and have the garden you always wanted with greywater

It is easier than ever to reuse water from your sinks, showers, baths, and washing machines. When you use Vaska in your wash your water is free of toxins and pollutants and can be used to grow vegetables, lush landscapes and more!

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Safe, Simple, Vaska. The New Standard in Laundry

A formula so pure, you can drink it. Results so proven, you can trust it. Naturally powerful Vaska.

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Vaska Family of Products

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Go Green with Greywater

Go Green with Greywater

The drought here in California has made us much more conscious of water and thinking of ways to conserve it. Using greywater is a wonderful way to reuse water from your sinks, showers, baths, and washing machines to irrigate your garden and grass, in addition to saving your drinking water. With widely available resources (such…

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